Chocolate that loves you back

When we let go of chasing and allow ourselves to feel into the present moment, existence becomes a romance to enjoy rather than a puzzle to solve.

At Loco Love, we believe that life is meant to be savoured. Our high vibe chocolates are designed to bring you into the here and now. A place where beauty, magic & wisdom resides. All you have to do is open your heart and surrender.


Made with love, elevated with ethics

We source ingredients with care not greed, honouring our interconnectedness with farmers, animals, and the earth itself.

Purity is our promise—we select only sustainably sourced cacao and genuine wholefood ingredients. These intentional choices imbue our chocolate with the energy of love and compassion.


The alchemy of cacao

Every bite is a journey through the sacred realms of cacao — opening the doors to higher states of consciousness, profound healing, vitality, and deeper connections to the natural world.

To live in love...
To live in love...
To live in love...
To live in love...
To live in love...

Release control. Surrender to the beauty of simply being. Embrace the subtle magic that weaves its way through every moment. Act with compassion, not conditions. Be kind. Listen as much as you talk. Do what makes your heart sing and do it often. Don’t take anything for granted. Turn off screens, tune into yourself. Live an inspired life. Trust your gut. Love hard. See the world. Wander with an open heart. Hug your fellow humans (and trees!). Wear the fancy dress. Eat the good chocolate.


Love from Emica

When Loco Love began, my belief in the transformative power of food was strong. Magic? I wanted to believe—somewhere deep down, I did.

But it wasn't until I immersed myself in the world of cacao, savouring its every nuance, that I truly understood. This wasn't just about making chocolate; it was about awakening to a new way of seeing life itself.

Cacao holds an ancient secret: it's believed to heal the world by opening our hearts, revealing our interconnectedness. It teaches us empathy, as we're reminded that if one of us suffers, we all do. Cacao nurtures compassion, awareness, and a connection to love both within us and all around us.

May every Loco Love chocolate you enjoy bring you closer to the beauty and love that resides in us all. Heal your heart, and you heal the world. That's the magic of cacao. That's the soul of Loco Love.

Emica Penklis 

Loco Love Founder