Welcome to a community of high vibrational chocolate enthusiasts. In this sacred space, we're not just elevating the art of chocolate; we're elevating human potential, and we want you to be a part of it. Together, we'll raise vibrations, forge connections, and savour the extraordinary.

How it works
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It’s simple—the more you earn, the greater the rewards and discounts.

Whether you are just getting started or ready to go sky-high, we’ll leave you feeling pampered.

Level Up

  • Tell us your Birthday = 25 Hearts
  • Sign up for SMS = 50 Hearts
  • Leave a review = 100 Hearts
  • Subscription for 4 months = 100 Hearts

You must use your Hearts within 12 months of earning them.

Earning Hearts starts from the day the Natural High Club launched on Feb 22nd 2024.

BUT your orders from the last 12 months do count towards the tier you go into when you create your account, which means you could go straight into the top tiers and reap big rewards right from the get go!

Once your reach Cosmic Being status, you are granted a free single chocolate with every order you place. In order to receive your free chocolate, make sure to be signed in to your account before you place your order. Once you complete your purchase, a free mystery chocolate will be included in your order.

To stay in your tier you must meet the spend requirements every 12 months, otherwise you will drop down a tier.


Redeeming your Hearts is easy! Once you have an account, visit your account page and choose a voucher amount to redeem. Once you have selected a voucher, copy and paste your code at checkout.