Not only is Loco Love healthy and made from wholesome ingredients but they taste so good that I can’t help but crave them all the time without the guilt! Even my 3 and 1 year old love them as a treat.

Christina Tinkabell

I thought I would need about 4 to satisfy as I’d never had one before until a few weeks ago but I had just one hazelnut crunch , died and went to heaven.


Ever since Smiths it was love at first sight for little Loco and I. It’s turned into a Loco Love affair ever since. It makes my heart warm knowing the passion, ingredients and ethics have remained unchanged. True love X

Elle Jay

Loco Love chocolates are not only a decadent pleasure but also my daily boost of health , beauty & longevity - chocolates with benefits , now that's true love


Purchased a little box of heaven for my parents wedding anniversary. Blew their minds and hearts right open. Thanks for making the Loco Love so real and the delivery so fast


love chocolates seem a little naughty on the outside, but on the inside they are filled with goodness! Purchasing my first couple about three weeks, I restricted myself to only one every two days. But I couldn’t help but gorge my face with them. They were all gone in about three days. Even though chocolate can be seen as a sugary dangerous food that can become addictive Loco Love is far from that, even though the addiction comes naturally, you know you are getting wholesome Ingredients that are boosting your health and making you not feel guilty but wanting to consume more more. Each bite takes you into a peace of mind that create satisfaction!!! Love your creation guys, keep up the fabulous delights. Plus the ranges of exotic flavours you guys have on offer is what separates you from other chocolate companies. They are so different and that difference is everything much better

Luke Lambley

Chocolate that is good for you said who?! Noo way! I want these pieces of heaven in my life! I don’t know why chocolate brings me sooo much joy! It’s a passion that is created with so much care and thought. And you feel it in every bite! Because not all chocolate is created equal! That is why, there is Loco Love chocolate a little heaven on earth is a good way to put it. It would make my wedding planning so much less stressful and not only that, I just love finding chocolate that will nourish my body. I believe that everything we put in our bodies should be nourishing and make you feel better! Wholesome, nutritious food is my passion. That’s who I am. I’ve been mocked for it, and laughed at, but I still stand my ground.


A magical elixir in chocolate form that’s not only made with love but creates love in the consumer too? Umm yes please I’ll take 52,000

Nina Karnikowski

More than just chocolates, these are soul food. They are works of art. I can see the love & soul poured into each individual chocolate. This is not food. It is an experience. It is like meditation through cacao. Divine & magical, I am honoured to eat these delights.

Kiera J Wood

Loco, Spanish for crazy, perfectly describes my relationship with these chocolates - I am crazy in love with them, there is never a time in my life that isn't a perfect time for a Loco Love. I am incredibly fussy with what food I allow into my body, as I understand that I am a divine being and must honour my vessel. I wouldn't bat an eyelid if I was offered a Loco Love, it definitely makes the cut! When I hear the term 'soul food', I think of Loco Love - food that nourishes the soul, with each bite filling me with light and love. I seriously wouldn't be able to live without it !!

Indiana Belle

I just got my first box of Loco Love chocolates and they are amazing. Since going vegan from vegetarian about 4 years ago one thing I miss so much is great chocolate. This stuff is the bomb and I’ve bought boxes for my sis and her hubby who are dairy free for Easter... if I don’t eat them first

Claire Nelson

I’ve ordered a box of Loco Love chocolates before and ate them all to myself. They are beautifully crafted and every flavour is absolutely delicious. Honestly, they are almost too good to eat!

Holly Chapman

I normally would never buy a single chocolate but Loco Love is too good! I love them and even better when you have someone to share them with.

Toby J Carroll

Where to begin... Loco Love chocolates are the very finest quality vegan, gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free artisanal chocolates of all the lot of what’s on offer here in Australia. It doesn’t get much better than your eyes rolling back in their sockets with every delectable, saliva promoting mouthful and lets not forget the moans of pure erotic pleasure that follows. Sound sensual? I dare to say better than sex! Y’all heard it here first! Can not recommend these little bundles of pure bliss enough. Made with the vibration of love, each conceived and hand crafted with their own highest positive intention. They will always have my heart

Olivia Antonios

I actually came across this Loco Love in a post for the best birthday cakes in Vogue magazine of all places. I figured if a chocolate could grace their pages (while being health conscious) then i needed to try this! I was not disappointed... to be honest it was so good I didn't share it at all. I hid the gorgeous box in my wardrobe so hubby wouldn't find it. I felt so guilty I had to buy another to share and pretend it was my first time trying them. Now we are both addicted.

Jess, our Head of Sales and operations and I were walking down the street today (this is absolutely true!) and said what are we going to do for Easter at Ovvio and we declared your chocolate the best as it tastes like real chocolate. It’s so delicious we treat ourselves with a cherry or orange little rectangle.... oh they’re all good. We’ve been meaning to reach out and tell you. Seriously. We think you’ve created something so special.

Naturopath Anthia Koullouros

Have you ever wanted to treat your body as well as treating your taste buds? These do both! Soul and body nourishing.

Ro phelps

I remember when I first tried your choccies at the coffee shop next door in Manly a few years ago. That salted caramel crunch had me hooked! Every time I visited Sydney after that I made sure to hunt down your treats. No trip was complete without one (many)


My favourite way to treat myself! I don’t think I could pick a favourite but it’s enough to know that I loved them so much we had them as our bomboniere at our wedding. I’ve also walked 2km out of my way just to get my hands on one #crazyinlove

Veronica Lee Drayton

Since I was a kid I would always get giddy over a box of chocolates. I was raised very healthy by my beautiful organic-loving mother, so it was a rare occasion to get to indulge in such a treat. Loco love is made with such a well-selected range of ingredients that actually benefit your heart, health and happiness. My mum and I now enjoy sharing a loco love chocolate together on a regular basis. We both thank you for your wonderful artisan love chocolates.

Narji Mitai

I love loco love because they are setting the bar for conscious business. Their chocolates are healthy, ethical and divinely and deliciously crafted. the intentions of ceremony, love, connection and magic are felt through every bite. Loco love shines light on the importance of honouring ourselves enough to sit down, be present and let the magic in. Loco love celebrate the union of ceremony and chocolate and how the simple act of being still and taking in a piece of magic (loco love) can enhance our lives beyond what we can imagine.


Loco love chocolates are beautifully curated, delicate treats that you can feel good about eating. Containing nourishing herbs, and high quality ingredients that you can eat guilt free. They are as delicious as they are beautiful.

Katie Gregory

I have given your chocolates as gifts to friends for both the highs and lows that life brings. They are perfect to mark a celebration or bring comfort in a time of need. Never has there been such beauty in a box of chocolates. Thank you Loco Love

Beth Jacqueline

Loco Love has contributed to us more than just a beautifully visual chocolate. Not only are they absolutely delicious but you can feel the love with every bite you take. The salted macadamia and lemon is out of this world. When I eat this chocolate I’m consciously aware of each bite and it’s the same feeling I get after I meditate. I know that sounds deep but it’s the only way to explain how truly marvellous these chocolates are. Your number 1 fan

Gee Vas

Addiction - noun - the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity.The only word to accurately define my relationship with Loco Love chocolate.

Taylor Varcin

Love Loco Love and they are my favourite treat when I get any extra funds! I love chocolate as it is, but knowing that each bite of Loco Love comes with it's own unique flavours and health benefits- I just can't resist! I could eat your chocolate for the rest of my life!


these are not chocolates, they are MAGIC. One of the best things @laurelrae and I found in Australia on our incredible trip- and we were thrilled to find out you now ship to the US! I think we went to 3 different places to get them - THAT GOOD!!

Joelle Caitlin

The functional magic ingredients drew me in the taste keeps me coming back. Beautiful quality ingredients are so important and they know how to work their magic with the flavours. So creative and inspiring. Thank you for taking the chocolate game up a level. Much love.

Naturopath Ally Stuart

When you plan trips to Newtown around eating a Loco Love matcha mint chocolate (thanks Dr Earth for always stocking my favourite flavour) you know this company are onto something special!

Beverly Murrow

I drive 30 minutes to get my alternative medicine in Loco Loves hazelnut praline. I need the adaptogens to help fix my adrenal fatigue. And I just discovered that they can also boost my libido!! I am hoping my hubbie won't forget that fact. I am also gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugar intolerant so absolutely love that I can eat something so yummy.

Sarah Bootes

Seriously the Best chocolates I have ever devoured! I am normally one who is happy to share but my family know not to even think about touching them hahahahah. DELICIOUS

Mel Mowday

Surrounded by beautiful sisters, I took my first bite into a Loco Love chocolate. I knew it was ‘healthy and vegan’. I was expecting it to taste ‘healthy and vegan’! Though I was instead hit with a creamy, delicious chocolate that tasted even better than any chocolate I’ve ever had. Seriously amazing, and so beautiful and handmade. I felt all the love of people who care about handmade instead of a mass produced product. Thanks for bringing beauty and creativity back into the world.

Winnie Pride

If love had a taste, it would be Loco Love. If love had a look, it would be Loco Love. If love had a smell, it would be Loco Love. Every piece, each to its own, is a little bit of love.

Jacqui O'Reilly

Roses are red Violets are blue Loco Love chocolates I can't do without you. Smooth on the lips, Who cares about the hips? You've won my heart I'm playing for keeps!

Danielle Bopping

'd recommend you find a local stockist ladies these are the real deal. Highest quality product. Best chocolate on the market that I've found. Complete joy to consume. Am loco about them. Thanking their creator for their awareness, passion to produce such high quality and the love you share with the us in your heartful bites.

Alyssa Barron

Hands down the best vegan chocolate I've ever had. They look and taste so good that you wouldn't even know that they are nourishing your body and making you glow from the inside out! Thank you Loco Love for making such beautiful chocolates using only the highest quality of ingredients - you can really taste the difference.

Emma Kaye

The most delightful exceeding of expectations ever! I took my first little nibble and my tastebud cupids had me hooked! In love. Loco Love is bang on accurate. You have nailed chocolate! I want more.

Roslyn Loxton

Thank you so very much for all love and goodness you've put into this chocolate. It's absolutely the best tasting chocolate I've ever had!

Terri Pollock

Hands down the best vegan chocolate i've ever had. They look and taste so good that you wouldn't even know that they are nourishing your body and making you glow from the inside out! Thank you Loco Love for making such beautiful chocolates using only the highest quality of ingredients - you can really taste the difference

Emma Kayne

Some of the most amazing chocolates I have ever tried, thank you for spreading your love through chocolate

Vikki Arianna

Just tried the Salted Caramel Crunch and was straight away online trying to find stockists in my area. Really delicious, guilt-free chocolate!!

Romana Lyons-Robinson

Beautiful, smooth, melt in your mouth pieces of Art. Love them, love what you stand for, it's hugely important to me that you are a cruelty free company Bless.

Theresa Schwark

Hands down the best chocolate I’ve tasted! Incredible 100/10. This is my go to gift when I want to say thanks with love. It’s fun, healthy and beautifully handcrafted. There’s so much to love about this chocolate.

Rebecca Louise