Winter Solstice Reflections

Like sleeping seeds buried deep in the earth, we find ourselves deep in winter. We are neither at the beginning nor end, but halfway. The Winter solstice is here, and before nature can wake, before buds can burst and blossoms bloom, before the birds can sing for Spring; we must remain turned inwards, knowing that although the sun and her warmth will return - for the moment we must be still.


Find the light in the centre of the darkness Find the light in the centre of the darkness


Find the light in the centre of the darkness Find the light in the centre of the darkness

Twice a year, a solstice passes by without much attention from most of us. Others among us celebrate these respective days with deep awareness, each marking the approach or retreat from the sun’s direct light. The Winter Solstice begins the Southern Hemisphere’s journey toward the light, but does not long for light or ask for light. Characterised by the longest night and the shortest day; the longest darkness before the dawn light; this solstice signifies the need for patience; to sit with ourselves, to slow right down, to follow the cues of nature as she and her kin snuggle into hibernation for a while longer.

While the urge to rush forward and skip this part can take hold and cause a frenzy of busyness or distraction, your spirit might ask you to reconsider. It may gently ask you to take a breath and pause. If these calls go unheard, they may present themselves as more urgent; you may feel yourself succumbing to the unyielding need to stop. 

These moments are so important, and we must whisper to ourselves - the sun will return, as will our energy and vitality; but only after convalescing and resting, recharging and recuperating. 

The act of slowness is its own type of incubator, restoring creativity, allowing emotions to ripen and mellow, and allowing our innate knowledge and power to guide us towards our own luminous light within.

The wonderful lesson of the Winter Solstice lies in the challenge of embracing darkness, both literally and figuratively. We must choose to love and trust and release our fear. It is from this point we can begin to build toward the next calling, guided by intuition and purpose, setting intentions for the coming months and ultimately for our life’s direction.

So remember, to unfurl toward the sun we must first curl inward. Let us honour the wisdom of the ancient earth. Let us respect the seasons and their purpose. Let us observe the occasion and allow our awareness to travel deeply inwards, and let us learn to recognise insight without judgement.

And most important of all, let us feel the warmth and light we each radiate from within ourselves.

Happy solstice, Lovers. x