Sanna is my go to for spiritual insight, when I...

 Sanna is my go to for spiritual insight, when I...

 Sanna is my go to for spiritual insight, when I...

 Sanna is my go to for spiritual insight, when I...

Sanna Purinton

 Sanna is my go to for spiritual insight, when I feel overwhelmed by indecision or just wanting a fresh perspective. Her wisdom and psychic gifts are always on point and her energy is uplifting, I leave...

Sanna Purinton


When did you realise you were clairvoyant?

I didn’t have a definition for clairvoyance so I knew that I could see things and feel things and get information at a very early age. I really can’t say exactly when it was, because it has always been with me, but suffice to say I didn’t have a definition for whatever I was feeling. Whatever I was feeling, or whatever I knew myself to be, was not defined in my world, but what I knew was that I saw things and felt things differently to other people.

How did this come about?

Sadly, I had a very tumultuous and upsetting childhood, with what we would now describe as forms of abuse. As a result, I needed to go inwards, and my inwards step was not an insane inwards step, it was a light-filled inwards step. I don’t know how else to describe it, but I have always said that Spirit raised me. I experienced myself to be connected to things that seemed far more expansive and extraordinary and almost super-real. What we’d describe when I was little as magic. It felt like my life had a larger vocabulary than I could wrap my head around. Having said that, because of my interest in this vibration, I then proceeded to study anything that I could get my hands on, and I was very fortunate that my mother was also a seeker of truth at that point in her life and she would purchase beautiful books, and take me to moon ceremonies, and buddhist temples. My cultural experience allowed me to have a deeper connection to the big question of spirit.

Some tips for others wanting to strengthen their intuition?

Strengthening intuition is an extraordinary skill, because it happens when an individual wants to get out of their own way a little bit. Eckhart Tolle speaks about something that is really phenomenal, which is the watcher/observer and the do-erIt's very important when you want to strengthen your intuition to begin to discern if you are watching a situation or doing a situation. If you are in a situation and you find yourself absolutely swept away with the emotions and the energy of a situation, which feels really big and real...then you’re not the watcher. When you get to a place where you can really discern yourself as watching a situation you begin to open yourself up to the frequency of being awake. As you begin to awaken you soon discover yourself to be more sensitive to the environment you are in and therefore more sensitive to people and situations around you. So you begin to make better decisions, and they have to be made based on the wanting (not the control of the situation) the observation of the situation. This will assist you to get deeper into intuition, but also assist you to make yourself open to hear the conversation that is constantly occurring for you in the unseen world. It is important to surrender yourself to light and make a concerted effort to read about light, experience spirituality from its light perspective and really discern whether there is negative ego involved in the conversation.

5 ways to listen to your inner voice- 

Gosh, this is a tough one, because I wouldn’t necessarily say it's achievable in five easy steps. But, let's see.

  1. Is understanding the separation or the understanding of the watcher and the doer, as I spoke about above.
  2. Is to spend much more time in nature, really really spend time with the trees, you can find nature in the park, a pile of leaves, in the waterfront, or literally in a pile of dirt. It doesn’t have to be isolating away from humanity. Find nature everywhere.
  3. Is doing the mundane. Really celebrating the mundane. For example, I literally got rid of my clothes dryer years ago, because I found gently hanging things on the line allowed my mind to rest tremendously, and as a result of the resting mind I could allow other things to come through.
  4. Meditation or prayer, or what I call micro-meditations. Meaning, connecting to spirit in very minute experiences. However, meditation is absolutely vital, as is prayer, as it is the intent of the meditation. I desire to go deeply into the I Am and therefore in the space of the I Am I’m open to the light of the conversation between Spirit and Myself.
  5. Stop being addicted to the drama. The drama is going to diffuse and separate you from awakening in a super-sonic speed of light way. The drama is not going to get you anywhere.
  6. Try to keep the social media story to a minimum, so every moment you have a free second, don’t go on social media, that is not going to fill you and that will guarantee you a disconnect from what it is you want if you want more clarity of mind and awakening.

Depression/dark emotions/shadow self and how you view on them, how to heal them, should we heal them?

 Depression and the dark shadow self. Those are two different conversations. Depression oftentimes is a situation where people don't feel like you can get out of the way. I’ve worked with many people who have had depression for many years. We need to be in practice away from the addiction (I use this word very carefully, because I’m not implying someone is an addict to depression) but it is important to note when a person is in a cyclic depression energy field, they tend to keep rolling around in that energy field and it can (for the practitioners working with those individuals) feel like they are addicted to those sensations. Rather than addiction, they are more interested in that they cant, in essence, find another way. 

Another way, is to notice what the depression is doing to them in their emotional and mental state, how it is playing out in their lives and how potentially destructive it is. From that perspective make the decision if they want to continue that story for another month, 5, 10 or 20 years. These sensations can completely overwhelm a person and they can’t see the light for the trees. So consequently, they can’t seem to get out of their own way. So, one of the things for depression, I suggest people seek out medical assistance, and if they want to seek out a wholistic approach (which of course I’m totally into) I suggest various different herbs that they can explore. I also suggest they begin some form of meditation and prayer, and that they recalibrate to experiencing light instead of the morose. Instead of waking up in the morning saying “damn this is another shity day”, instantly look around their space and feel a sense of upliftment and gratitude. At first it will feel like an obligatory conversation, but it will turn into a delightful experience. The same thing goes for your tea, hot cacao or coffee in the morning. To me a good practitioner, therapist or Spirit Life Therapist, could be very helpful. 

Should we facilitate healing for them, absolutely we should have an awareness of no longer feeling that we are victims to our feelings, but rather we have an empowerment and awakening. Through this we determine  that we are not living our lives of beasts of burden, being led around being told how to act and react. When we awaken, we have full autonomy and freedom. So that again drama, and grief, lack and self sabotage don’t take us over. It is a matter of us deciding. 

Would you say they are part of our souls evolution?

Yes, I would say a lot of us work off of the sadness and depression and we use it as a sounding board or a trampoline to the other side. Sadly, a lot of people are lost, get sucked into the vortex and aren't able to get to the other side. When we are so much into an externalised medication as opposed to complementary methods of healing what can occur is we can get lost in the frequency of the darkness. The darkness is quite overwhelming. I describe the darkness, the pain, anger, collapse and hatred as a very noisy sensation, Whereas I describe the frequency of light;  love and joy, as a very quiet sensation. But the noisy energies tend to be so greedy with their energy field that they want to pull you into it. That's why we have to be very clear about what we want. I’m not suggesting that if you’re on medication, that you go off of it because of this conversation. I suggest my clients work with my frequency and use an intelligent way to work with their shadow self. The option is light, prayer, meditation and experiencing nature as a voice of healing. A major option is familiarising yourself with the vocabulary of sensations, feelings and emotions. Reacquaint yourself with those experiences. When you do you’ll find that they are your friends not your enemies.

 Why do you believe we are here?

We are here for the evolution of for ourselves, of the human experience, the ego body, of our souls experiences. Some are here for a bigger picture, which is to assist in planetary evolution. Some are here for their own experience, which doesn't make them selfish or bad, it is their own experience to evolve while others are here to assist in the evolving of the entire planet. They must do-so from the experience of dissolving the ego, for example being the “special one”, rather just be of service. The ego is going to play out for many in that situation, as soon as we say we’re the special ones we can be distracted. So I think we’re here for evolution.

If you could have an impact in any way to better the world, what would you do/say?

I would remind people that they are universal consciousness in physical form and I would teach them exactly what that means. I would say; that their limited self is distracting them from themselves knowing that they are Light. 

To know yourself as light, to experience yourself as full and divine is the greatest, most profound gift beyond any gold. Beyond any prestige. 

I would say to them and the world; Here is the freedom that you seek. Freedom is actually such a gift, we can be chained, we can be in prison and lost to ourselves, but freedom can exist totally. I want to teach people that they’re free and they're light.

 How do you think social media is impacting people?

Social media can be a wonderful thing. It can be very light filled. If you’re following really powerful healers, teachers and practitioners from every walk of life, people planting seeds of thought and conversation. They don’t have to look a certain way, or fit the brief of what we think a spiritual person looks like. It's beautiful. Though, mostly, people are being distracted rather than finding community. Be mindful of what you’re trying to do in the realm of social media, be mindful if you feel you’re using social media to stop you from connecting to yourself. If it assists you and sparks questions, then it can be very useful.  

Is self love important to you and how do you cultivate it in your life?

Self love is important to everyone, however to fully understand what that means may take a massive life’s journey. I have contemplated self-love for decades. The phrase itself can do a tremendous amount of harm when the individual has no idea what “self love”actually is. The person can feel flawed and separate and not remotely loving to themselves, which can drive them away from the very thing they seek. 

From working with countless people over decades I have discovered that we first need to acquaint ourselves to our feeling body, then our sensations and emotions and in the frequency of light and joy begin a rudimentary process of self appreciation. This creates the right conditions to begin to flavour self love and then allow the flow of that to move towards you. In this we become attractors. I want to say the above process sounds arduous and time consuming but like any process of falling in love the journey is half the fun and certainly we can fall in love at first sight. What I hope people come away with, is the journey to self love is well worth it, but rather nebulous and doesn’t have a final destination, we need to adapt and expand in self love. True self love is beyond our human self, our looks, our activities and what we produce. It arrives as we know the depth of our Spirit and our connection to WHO WE BE and that there is the mystery and the homecoming.

Can you tell us why ritual and ceremony is so important, and how do you incorporate it into your life?

First I want to share a caution: please do not let our regular rituals mask superstition, this alone can easily create the attraction to the very thing we are wanting to avoid as we focus on the negativity that we are afraid of. Ritual can be wonderful, though we need to be clear about what we are wanting to accomplish with our rituals. An example would be; When we sage are we afraid of an energy that may have seeped into our space creating frisky energy, or are we wanting to optimize the energy by cleansing the stagnant energy in the room? It is important that our intent be clear. Being clear will create the perfect space for you to practice your rituals. If our rituals are about generating more light into our lives and therefore expansion into a deeper and wider relationship to the authentic Spiritual experience then your rituals are incredibly important. It is my understanding that some rituals may in fact create the valuable intention. I am reminded about the Tibetan Monks who recite various chants daily, they are written on scrolls decorated in their chanting spaces. Daily, they recite and daily they study the verses. Eventually this ritual seeps into their consciousness and they feel that they have created a fine foundation for self reflection. In our lives outside of an ashram, temple or retreat space; ritual, can be a foundation for our practice and can help us rest our minds and therefore connect to ourselves, our souls and Spirit. I have many rituals which may include meditation, prayer, smudging, grids, cleaning, chanting and certain exercises. Like many, I go through phases. 

 Love is a word that has so many meanings, what does it mean to you?

Love means Light to me. A great teacher of mine when I was 23 suggested that water was love. I agree. He said our Earth has so much water upon it as does our body. He suggested this was a reflection of love. It makes sense to me. Love is a powerful force that is beyond even nature. It is neither male nor female but has its roots in the Divine. It is the very thing that connects us to Spirit and makes us God like. Love is not an acquisition but a BEingness. Love is an ever expanding energy that cannot stop blossoming like the sacred lotus, as it is infinite and everlasting. 

 Where do you see yourself and humanity in 30 years time, is your outlook for the future positive or bleak? 

I will be a much much older woman in 30 years. I sincerely hope that I am as curious, in love with life, innocent and alive as I am today, I hope I have many loves and if fortunate a partner who is with me. I also hope that I am still working globally with my purpose, offering insight and clarity to a wide audience who in turn share that with their communities, families and the world. I dream of a time when our authentic self is celebrated. As for the world: we are at a crossroads presently and sadly we may go into a very tricky time of fear, confusion and heartache. Conversely, we have an opportunity like no other to sincerely know ourselves as the I AM. We can choose to know ourselves like never before and meet our feelings, sensations and dive into silence like never before. It is as if we are expanding quicker and with more focus on love and authenticity then ever before. We will more easily flavor ‘Who We BE’ from a peaceful position of innocence and love. We have not fully grasped what Spirituality is yet and yet we will do this in the future. This will create the balance which is needed. The energy is visceral, expansive and connects us to all. It isn’t a fad or even an action but a BE-ingness. It isn’t the return to Atlantis but a future that we constantly expand into. We don’t have to be healers or teachers to offer our BEingness as we offer it in whatever is our calling. Once we stop the egoic representation of “Spirituality” we may find the real gold there. So if a multitude of souls do this they become the keystone for the future and through this, a collective leadership or a collective understanding of love. Is it possible that the new energy sets the scene for the Divine? To do this we must learn discernment and appreciate our unique offerings to the planet. 

What's your life motto? 

“There is only love, there is only Light and there is only God, we do not need to do anything, go anywhere, become anything, we simply just need to remember who we Be. May Love and Light prevail. For I AM “ 

What's the best thing that has ever happened to you?

To be raised by Spirit. To have a knowing of the Divine in me since I was a child. Spirit rescued me, raised me and taught me and I am humbled in this most glorious gift. 

Thank you Sanna for your words of wisdom you can learn more about what Sanna offers here.