There is not one word that aptly describes Olivia or what she does

There is not one word that aptly describes Olivia or what she does

There is not one word that aptly describes Olivia or what she does

There is not one word that aptly describes Olivia or what she does

Olivia Cummings

There is not one word that aptly describes Olivia or what she does. Yes, she’s an exceptionally talented jeweller, but it is the symbolism and intention that she imbues in each piece that has passed her finger-tips that draws her...

Olivia Cummings

What turns you on? 

A good conversation, cooking, any form of nicely strung together words be it poetry or lyrics. Art, music and kindness.  

How has love shaped and formed your work?

I would say that each heartbreak has led me to the next great thing in my work, whether it be a personal heartbreak or just a general, cosmic disappointment where I understand a hard life lesson. I think through that I really learn to soften and ease into my work because I know that whatever happens, it's leading me to the next great thing.  
 Love has shaped my work in that I don't really have a structured plan from an economic perspective. I've just sort of planned my career development through experience and I think that's through just opening up to love and allowing it to lead me into sort of what makes me feel passionate.  

What do you find most attractive in a lover? 

A kind, soft heart. The ability to express feelings, vulnerability. I need somebody who can laugh with me and make me laugh.  

What or who is the greatest love of your life?

My creative quest feels like my child, and I hope to find the man in this lifetime who will become the human love of my life.  

What’s one thing you wish every child could learn at school?

I wish we nurtured the softness of children and kept them using their imaginations and creativity, rather than stamp it out of them in our school system. Keep them children for longer.  

If love were a recipe which ingredients would it include? 

A slow cooked stew, where the flavours and softness come out the more it cooks. That's love to me.  

Why do you think people are comfortable with complacency? 

Putting yourself and your goals out there requires courage and vulnerability. Showing your art to the world is like showing something very intimate. Showing enthusiasm in your dreams is showing you care, and showing you care makes you feel vulnerability. I think a lot of complacency stems from the fear of not living up to dreams, but really it just stunts growth.  

Favourite way to nourish your body? 

Massage, hugs, conscious food.  

When have you felt the law of attraction in motion?

I have learnt how to manifest by visualising a goal, and letting go of expectation. It pretty much always aligns. Also developing a philosophy of softness means that things can come into your field a lot easier. I don't believe hardness or a "fighting" attitude ever helps anybody. My dreams always come true and I believe they always will. This does not mean they have followed a linear path. They have gone over many hurdles, but at the end of the day it's the way it's supposed to be.  

Is there such a thing as feeling complete? 

Yes. If you look inside. That sounds cheesy, but I do look for other people to fill my cup. My cup is full, overflowing. This is a choice however, we choose to see life like this. The contrary is too grim for me, and I cannot adopt a grim outlook on life, it hurts me too much. I feel complete and every beautiful person who shares my path with me is a bonus.  

If you could have dinner with one person dead or alive who would it be, and why? 

My family, because I love them so much and I'll never have enough dinners with them.  

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

My dad taught me how to meditate and always reminds me to keep up my practice. My mother has taught me self love.  

What is your secret to staying balanced in life love and career?

I sleep minimum 7 hours a night, I make myself good food, I surround myself with kind people and I dance.  

Define love in three words?

A safe harbour.  

What’s more important (if you could only have one) money or career fulfilment? 

Career fulfilment but I believe they go hand in hand.  

Can you share with us something you have created, a poem, a business, a recipe, something that is unique to you? 

I wrote this poem: 

Spiraling softly 
between realities. 
The collective memory 
collected memories. 
I know it can hurt, 
but just remember, dear One 
why you're here: 
to expand and spiral 
to spiral and expand 
until our bones unite 
and atoms merge, 
So tread softly 
come to your knees  
each day. 
you're part of a drifting, 
bigger reality  

Your work is so inspired by potent imagery and talismans from the past – what is the intention to use timeless pieces like these in a modern context? 

There is a very deep collective memory that's accessible to everybody. But at the same time, if people don't tap into it, they're not really necessarily aware of what it is that's speaking to them. There is no time and place for these symbols. We may be in our modern day context, but we seem to forget some of these things which are more linked to instinct and intuition. 
The important thing for me is to remind people of the innate connectivity. That’s what people are looking for, they're looking to be connected. Whether or not they know it, whether or not they've had any sort of opening to these kinds of symbols before. If they're into astrology, if they're into history or ancient civilizations. The fact that it's sold in so many different locations with such different backgrounds, languages, symbolic cultures, everything, I think that means that really this is just proof that collective consciousness is a huge thing in collective memory, because having grown up in Australia, I mean first real experience with these things, and the very old symbolism would've been when I've gone to Europe. At the same time, I think it starts in your very own backyard if you're really looking up and around you. 

People don’t necessarily need to delve deep into the meaning behind every piece you’ve created, however there is no doubt that there is a conscious significance with every single one. Do you have a piece specifically that resonates with you most? 
At the moment been really focusing on the myth of the mermaid, but not the Disney representation, I really like pieces that I've just released because they remind me of my transformation this year in 2018, which wasn't an easy one because I had a big disappointment, but also it really hurtled me into my next stage of this life.  
For me, each piece, links me to a certain stage in my development creatively, so all of them speak to me. I'm really loving the gold range because it also represents a growth of the brand and a sophistication which I'd been aiming towards for a long time because of my love for fine craftmanship and solid gold and precious gems and really making beautiful pieces for women to have their whole lives. 
So I would say, if I had to choose, it would be the solid gold line, all of it, because they're all such special pieces.   

There is such an obvious love in your energetic field; a love for food, a love for culture, cities, creating. Where has love taken you in your world? 
Love has taken me through many countries, because I always follow my heart and I think I don't have a notion of fear, which is sometimes I scare myself, because I really just follow my heart, my instinct, and I sort of don't see obstacles around me, which- I don't know if that's naivete or just courage or I don't know really where that stems from, because I've just always been like that. 
But I think love has- I think I just have this yearning to learn and I don't want to see, like, cultural or language barriers as actual barriers; I just see them as opportunities to expand. So, each time I've had what would be perceived by many people as a barrier I've seen as a door and it's led me to the next best thing, so I think it's out of love and passion and courage, which are all linked.