Mimi Elashiry, as most would expect, radiates a certain effervescence that...

Mimi Elashiry, as most would expect, radiates a certain effervescence that...

Mimi Elashiry, as most would expect, radiates a certain effervescence that...

Mimi Elashiry, as most would expect, radiates a certain effervescence that...

Mimi Elashiry

Mimi Elashiry, as most would expect, radiates a certain effervescence that is testament to her powerful trajectory. She exudes a lightness of being that makes people and brands gravitate towards her, an openness and a balance.Whilst many would...

Mimi Elashiry

What turns you on? 

Confidence, I reckon, but I'm thinking in terms of a partner. What else turns me on? There’s definitely things, but I cannot think of any right now.  

How has love shaped and formed your work? 

I think that right from the get go, if we're talking about content creation in social media, I've always worked with brands that I am passionate about. You grow and you work with bigger companies and whatever. I think from the start and still to this day, I'm very much focused on finding those little brands or the little handmade things or helping out my friends. I think that that definitely comes from a place of love, I suppose. Also, a love for creating and also a love for, I suppose, just the beauty of things, which is a very Libran thing. I think everything I do comes from that place of love and adoration. 

From that love for those, whether it's products or people or journeys or stories, I've over the years developed so many really good relationships. So many of my close friends are designers that I constantly work with. I think that adds to it.  

What do you find most attractive in a lover? 

I think I have a real thing for sex appeal, and that is something that really speaks to me. I've never been with or dated anyone that I didn't find very sexually attractive. I think that's definitely an underlying thing that I find. Even if it's not an intent for the actual act, I think that you carry that as a person. You have that demeanor or you don't. It’s a way that you carry yourself more so than wanting to sleep with.  

 What or who is the greatest love of your life? 

My boyfriend right now. Actually, well and truly, but I think I have dated a few guys and they've all been lovely in their own sense or in ways and not great in others. Or been an amazing person but not been a great lover, as you say, or not been mature enough to be in a relationship. When you're learning about yourself or developing your own sense of self, you can't really be there for someone else. I think my boyfriend at the moment, Nick, he's so confident with himself. He has a lot of love to give and also pushes a lot of power to me, which is something that I haven't had before. I've always had power taken from me in relationships, unintentionally. To have someone who's there for me and uplifting and also shows a lot of love...Respectful and is a gentleman. It's just really, really nice. 

 What’s one thing you wish every child could learn at school?

How to fucking recycle. I think learning more about things you can grow easily on your own because I think that's the biggest step towards sustainably living is just growing your own food. I guess that's important, but I also think, especially now, that all of the biodegradable food vessels and things are being created, people don't know that you don't recycle those. People don't know what to do with them. It's like we're creating these things that are not being utilized. I think because there are so many types of packaging and things that we're constantly buying now. 

 If love were a recipe which ingredients would it include? I think sympathy is important and like I said, I think sex appeal is important. You need to have self love to be able to love someone else. You have to have self love to give love. 

If we're talking friends, family; sympathy, self love, and communication. 

Favourite way to nourish your body?

 At Orchard St! I think as a whole it's important to be able to be still in nature and all of those things. I feel like if I'm feeling frantic or I'm feeling like I need bits and pieces…craving food…just going for a swim or being out in nature can kind of relax that. I think I always listen to my body. I don't have a strict diet at all anymore. I definitely used to. I just eat whatever my body tells me. I do, I eat meat maybe two or three times a week, but it's literally what I'm craving. Yesterday I was like, "Oh, I just really feel like chicken," which is so bizarre because I didn't eat chicken for five years. Then my body is like, "Yes, I needed that." I don't know why. I obviously needed some protein real quick or something like that.  

I think I've only started doing that for the last maybe 14, 16 months because I got really sick in Mexico. I started to dream about steak. Then I realized that I needed to start eating meat other then fish again. I was literally like lying in Mexico dreaming about steak. 

When have you felt the law of attraction in motion?

All the time! I always manifest things! I actually, honestly, probably for the last two years, so last year I was journeying on my own. I moved to London. I traveled around Europe. I did all these crazy things. Then I met my boyfriend in March this year. Everything's been really great. I think probably the middle of last year or just before that, this is going to sound so ridiculous and so cliché ... 

I think it probably started and I probably first started to really notice it when I was at Burning Man with my friend last year because I think taking, festival aside, taking the technology away from that many humans en masse. There's no timetable. You're taking money, which is stress, to a lot of people, and technology, which is distraction and I guess a work life day routine away from people. All of a sudden, everyone's flowing, for that many days as well. You really start to notice things just come to you. It's crazy. I think that was definitely the first time I noticed it, whether I was like, "Hmm, I feel like a hotdog," and someone walked over with a hotdog or I was like, "Oh, I want to see my friend." It comes to you.  
That's obviously in an extreme sense, but that was the first time I was like, "Maybe this works." Obviously, you don't just get what you ask for, but definitely a good example is for the last six months I needed a second car up in Byron. I can't just take the car. I was like, "Oh, I really don't want to buy a car because I travel so much. It's ridiculous." Since the middle of the year, I've been manifesting: car. Yesterday I got a little car job and I got a car for a couple of weeks. I'm like see? There's a bit of a delay, but it works. Even my booker is onto it now. He's like, "Okay, we'll manifest it." 

Is there such a thing as feeling complete? 

Is there such a thing as feeling complete? Interesting. I don't think so, especially not for me because I think it's in my nature and I also think it's ingrained in me from many, many years of ballet that you can always improve and there's always more and you can always do better and whether or not ... I think it's a negative and a positive thing, because if I'm not in the right head space.

So, for me personally no, I don't think there's ever a complete because I'm always striving for more in different areas, not more in terms of success, because to me that's not really a thing. I just want to enjoy life and go with the flow, but it's more so like if I'm not training to do this, then I'm doing ballet. I want my legs higher or I want to draw again or I want to take better photos. It's all these little creative things that I'm always pushing further and further. 

I also think that family and friends and relationships are always shifting. I think when you either have your family relationship really in fullness but maybe lacking in a friend or a whatever, and I think it's impossible to have that complete sort of ... 

I always want more. That's just in my nature, I think. 

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

 All you have is here and now, so surrender and just let it be. That was by my friend Rita Balshaw that wrote Hippies in the City. That is my quote for everything always. It stuck with me. I don't know why. 

What is your secret to staying balanced in life, love and career? 

My secret for staying balanced. Well, again, the Libra in me is always striving for balance, but I'm terrible at balancing. That's the catch. I think I'm pretty balanced. That translates in places I like to live and my work and my exercise routine, the way I eat. It's literally all or nothing. 

I think in a roundabout way that is a balance, although it seems completely unbalanced to me. 

I think I live up in Federal. I'm always down in Sydney working. I need the two. I can't just be in one place. I would love to go up there for a month. Then I'm going to be like, "Oh, can I do a job in Sydney tomorrow?" Do you know what I mean? 

I think my balance is the back and forth here. Work, same. It's very quiet periods and then crazy periods where I'm doing two jobs a day for a week and it's nuts. Then I won't have anything for three weeks. Again, I think that's I like to function on that level of super chill and super crazy for everything 

Define love in three words?  

Love in three words. Love is so broad. It's such a difficult question, isn't it? 

I guess it could be anything. I could just say friends, family, and lovers would be love for me.