Juliet Allen is one of those women that exudes confidence,...

Juliet Allen is one of those women that exudes confidence,...

Juliet Allen is one of those women that exudes confidence,...

Juliet Allen is one of those women that exudes confidence,...

Juliet Allen

Juliet Allen is one of those women that exudes confidence, her bold and straight to the point manner is refreshing. There’s no shame in her open and publicly explicit way of being, and we love it!...

Juliet Allen

Vocation and how did this come about?

Sexologist. Well, I wanted to continue my studies after doing an undergrad in psychology, but didn't want to be bored as f*ck at uni again, so I joked with a friend that I would love to study sex. And two days later I had enrolled in a masters in sexology and here I am today! I love sex, and there's not enough people in the world doing what I do, so I feel like I've found my true calling and can't imagine doing anything else.

What do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?

Oh my god, where to begin?! Presence is really, really attractive - a man who can meet me with his eyes and genuinely hold eye contact. I also find health attractive - a vibrant, healthy man who takes care of himself and prioritises his mental, emotional and physical health. I like a man who can really own his sexuality and his desire to ravish me ... this is a MUST. I like a man who can take control of me in the bedroom and who is adventurous, however also leads with an open heart. I could go on for days about what I love about the opposite sex!! Men are amazing beings, and I'm lucky enough to be in relationship with a very special man.

What turns you on?

Nature. Feeling healthy. Relaxation, and lots of it. And then bedroom specific, I love it when my lover ravishes me ... takes control, takes risks, is edgy, talks dirty, role plays ... I love surrendering to the mystery of the unknown. 

Name a book everyone should read, a movie everyone should watch and a podcast everyone should listen to?

Wild Nights, by David Deida

Dallas Buyers Club

Authentic Sex with Juliet Allen (my podcast!).

What or who is the greatest love of your life?

Without a doubt, my beautiful daughter, Milli.

What’s one thing you wish every child could learn at school?

I wish every child had access to holistic sex education! There's a lack of this in Australian schools, and schools globally, and it's not okay. Why is it that our children are forced to rote learn maths and science, and yet the basics of intimacy and sex are completely ignored?!

Can you share with us a few of your favourite sex rituals?

Cock worship is beautiful - it's basically just honouring a man in his entirety - his heart, his mind, his body, and of course his cock. I have a popular podcast episode about this (episode 014 - A Guide To the Sacred Art of Cock Worship).

Why do you believe there is so much shame around sex?

Well there's lots of reasons why, but first and foremost I think the Catholic church has A LOT to answer for when it comes to shame around sex. Religion in general has suppressed us as sexual beings, making sex evil and taboo. Then there's the lack of education we are receiving, both as children and adults, this has a big impact on us and the culture around sex in the world. And I think if more people had access to therapy and we able to process the stuff that's holding them back sexually, then we would be a happier and more sexually empowered human race.

Do you think as a collective we are entering a period of healing our sexuality; so we can become more empowered beings?

Yes, I do. I think social media (as much as I have a love/hate relationship with it) has been great because it's giving people access to education and information about sexual empowerment on a large scale. I also think it's more common these days for people to see support and help around sexuality, which leads to more empowered beings in the world.

What law of attraction / manifestation method works for you (if any)?

I love using sex magic, which is basically using the power of sexual energy to manifest what I want in life. My partner and I do this all the time! basically you set an intention for your love making session (it can work with self-pleasure, too) and then in the throws of orgasm and pleasure you visualise what you want and how it feels to have those things in your life. Quantum physics backs this method, it actually works!

What about being human to you find most upsetting?

Oh I don't dwell too much on human hardship, maybe I should haha! But I choose not to watch the news because it's so depressing, and I mostly surround myself with positive beings. I guess what upsets me most would be stuff related to my daughter - if she's upset, then I'm deeply affected. As a parent all I want is for her to feel happy and loved.

Is there such a thing as feeling complete?

Yeah, I think there is. I believe that if we prioritise personal development, and really take time to discover our truth and authenticity as humans, then we can feel complete. But it really is a lifelong process and there's always stuff to work on!

If you could have dinner with one person dead or alive who would it be, and why?

Right now, my beautiful man, Nicholas. I'm not one for famous people, I just want to live in the moment with my loved ones, and Nicholas is by far the most inspiring dinner date I can imagine.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

To only sleep with people who I would want to be myself! So first, ask yourself, would I want to be this person, am I inspired by their life and who they are? If it's a yes, sleep with them. If they're less than ordinary, steer clear.

What is your secret to staying balanced in life love and career?

Always prioritising me first ... lots of self care and time out is really important to me. And not subscribing to the belief system of 'busy is good'. I don't like being busy, I like having time to chill!

What’s more important (if you could only have one): money or career fulfilment?

Why not have both? I have both, both are important to me, and I'm very very grateful that I'm 100% happy with my career and also doing really well financially. 

Can you share with us something you have created, a poem, a business, a recipe, something that is unique to you?

Here's my cacao elixir recipe I make every morning -

Juliet's Libido Boosting Cacao Elixir


  • 1 Tablespoon of Ceremonial grade cacao OR 1 - 2 teaspoons of organic cacao powder
  • 1 teaspoon of Superfeast Mason's Mushrooms, Jing & Shisandra
  • 1 teaspoon of Maca powder
  • 1 Cup of Almond or Coconut Milk
  • Honey to taste


    Add milk to pan and begin to heat on low. Add cacao, Mason's Mushrooms, Jing, Shisandra, Maca and honey. Stir and heat until HOT. Do not let it boil, take it off the heat as soon as it begins to simmer.

    Blend in a blender (you don't have to do this, but I recommend it because it blends all the ingredients together and makes it's fluffy and extra YUM).