First and foremost Tahnee is a devoted mother to her...

First and foremost Tahnee is a devoted mother to her...

First and foremost Tahnee is a devoted mother to her...

First and foremost Tahnee is a devoted mother to her...

Tahnee McCrossin

First and foremost Tahnee is a devoted mother to her and fiancé Mason Taylor's two year old cutie Aiya. Tahnee is also the general manager of tonic herb empire Superfeast, where she works ( I think...

Tahnee McCrossin

What does love mean to you?  

Everything - it's the foundation of life. The stuff we are made of (along with stardust).  

How do you and your partner Mason balance work, parenting and love? Any tips for us?

We talk A LOT about everything. Nothing is off limits. We ask each other questions, listen and trust that the other person's process is valid and necessary. We use a calendar. That one is super important. Everything is captured, or else it's chaos. We both take time alone, away from the work and family bubble. Mase goes  bodysurfing and hangs with his man friends and I do yoga and meditation. We try and go on dates when we can afford it - time alone, together, is super important for us too. And we always seem to agree on the important stuff, which makes it really easy.

Whats your favourite tonic herb and how do you like to use it?  

Currently schizandra - I've seen a huge difference in my skin and in my adaptation to stress with her!! I take 1 tsp of our extract daily in hot water, sometimes twice a day.

Some words of advice for working mums?

I honestly have none. You have to find your own way. For each of us it will be really individual how much is enough, when to say no, when to say yes. What you need only you will know. I guess given I have to answer this question my advice would be to work out what you need to stay sane ASAP (ideally before you have a kid!) and learn how to ask for it in a gentle, non-dramatic fashion, as it will stand you in good stead when you are suddenly thrown in the deep end. Know your boundaries or at least be prepared for them to be dramatically different to life before kids. I have learned to say no and have no guilt about my choices. That's been the biggest gift of motherhood. We have the most amazing support team (Aiya goes to family daycare 4 days a week) and I love them like family.

If you had a choice to be in love or loved which would you choose?

To be in love. I love sharing love.

What is your life motto?

I don't really have one. I try and stay connected to my body of intelligence and I try and be kind. And if I can't be kind I try and apologise when I fail.

If you could save one thing on the planet what would it be?

Everything. Ha. I've always felt very sad about the rainforests. They're the lungs of our earth, contain such incredible biodiversity (second only to the oceans) and we are destroying them with abandon.

What makes us human?

The ability to become aware of the consciousness that animates all life. Whether we choose to exercise this ability is another thing.

Why are we here?

I believe we are here through the grace of billions of years of evolution and the playfulness of creation. We are here because to know ourselves we need to test ourselves under a variety of conditions. Mama Earth in the 3rd dimension is a pretty unique experience! What a way to be tested!

Where are we going?

As a species? Hopefully into the light! We have so much potential. I trust and hope that we will realise it before it's too late.

Favourite libido boosting herb blend?

Mmmm I do like deer antler and Mason's JING blend, they do it for me. When our Jing is juicy, we have that innate desire to kick it with our lover and that's the biggest signifier of health.

What about being human to you find most upsetting?

That we are all capable of such horrific actions, and that we are so willing to be ignorant when it's more convenient than becoming aware.

What do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?

I love men. Passion and je ne sais quoi! I like them a bit weird. ;)

What do you find most endearing in your female friends?

I love how women hold each other. There's this solidarity and grace in women that I adore.

7 things love about yourself?

My light-heartedness, I was born optimistic! My brain. My sense of humour. My legs. My heart. My hands. My softness.