This is the month to chase those wild dreams, live...

This is the month to chase those wild dreams, live...

This is the month to chase those wild dreams, live...

This is the month to chase those wild dreams, live...

Astrology Insights for March 2024

This is the month to chase those wild dreams, live with an open heart and expect plot twists along the way.

Astrology Insights for March 2024

Dark Moon in Pisces - Sunday 10th March @ 8pm NSW time. The Sun & Moon are travelling together with the asteroid Hygeia in a divine heart union of mystical dreaming and nurturing the collective soul. Pisces is the ‘feeling’ sign of the zodiac and imbues the vibrational frequency of higher love and blissful connection.

The asteroid Hygeia symbolises holistic well-being and governs the principles of health and healing in astrology. In ancient times, Hygeia’s sanctuaries were renowned for wellness of the body, mind and soul. Her devoted priestesses would crush medicinal flowers & herbs to release aromatic oils for healing baths and engage in mytho-spiritual rituals to restore equilibrium to a person’s inner and outer world.

Hygeia’s message is to learn to listen to the whispers of nature and follow the signs as they appear all around you in the everyday. Allow this sacred dance to guide you back to the roots and rhythms of your natural organic life.

Planetary botanicals of the Moon – Clary Sage, Lemon Balm & Mugwort

We welcome the astrological New Year on 20th March 2024. Celebrating the equinox is the official start to the western astrological New Year. The equinox is when the sun moves into the first zodiacal sign of Aries signifying new beginnings. This is the time to be courageous and brave; to step into the unknown and allow yourself to make mistakes along the way as nothing is perfect.

Aries is the cardinal fire sign which ignites self-connection and initiates movement alongside powerful intentions. This is the power drive to stay in your own lane and focus on what is important to you. Sometimes it is the smallest decision that has the biggest impact.

Planetary botanicals of Aries ruled by Mars: Milk Thistle & Nettle

Lunar Eclipse Libra – Monday 25th March @ 6pm NSW time. Eclipses are shimmers in time where you can amplify your intentions to quickly raise and focus energies. A lunar eclipse always occurs on a full moon and is a potent time to let go of the past; detach from old stories, behaviours and outdated paradigms which keep you stuck in unhealthy time warps.

Those times when you stand up for yourself yet feel so uncomfortable doing so and the existential dilemma of external validation. Where are you saying yes when you really want to say no? This is an illuminating time to focus on healthy self-care and evaluation of your values and vibes in your personal life.

On a more sensory note; divine love, nature and creativity is the key to this energetic luminary signature. Take a moment to soften into the deliciousness and create more sensual magic and acts of pleasure for this delightful Venus ruled lunar eclipse. Libra heralds harmony and peaceful interconnectedness to all life and to celebrate in the beauty that exists all around you.

Planetary botanicals of Libra ruled by Venus: Cacao, Rose, Yarrow & Violet


  • What are your intentions for the astrological New Year? 
  • Reflect on the lunar eclipse and your deepest desires? 
  • What are the simple moments you are grateful for? 
  • Do you recognise the ‘signs’ in your life?

Remember you are the magic!

Written by Mikailah
Instagram @starwitchastrology