New beginnings and opportunities are the main ingredients in this...

New beginnings and opportunities are the main ingredients in this...

New beginnings and opportunities are the main ingredients in this...

New beginnings and opportunities are the main ingredients in this...

Astrology Insights for April 2024

New beginnings and opportunities are the main ingredients in this monthly planetary brew of eclipses and retrogrades.  

Astrology Insights for April 2024

Mercury Retrograde in Aries from 2nd- 25th April 2024. The passionate fire energy of Aries has ‘no filter’ as Mercury (communication) revisits themes around self-expression and relationships. Venus (love & finances) and Chiron (the struggles & gift) dance together in the sign of Aries revealing any points of tension in your personal and/or financial life. These healing lessons are genuinely welcomed for growth and wisdom even if they are emotionally raw and visceral. This is also the time to review what path your life is taking and how you can live more sustainably and intuitively. 

Mercury retrograde periods are the perfect time to rewrite your intentions and overcome any obstacles with fierce kindness. 


 “Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do.” Rumi 



In ancient times you would write your intentions on sacred parchment in a textbook or journal called a grimoire.  Your writing tools would be consecrated, and natural ink was used alongside botanical perfumes on the paper.  Nowadays you can hold this vision in your mind’s eye as you recreate in your journal your dreams and desires whilst burning your favourite essential oil and allowing the scent to stimulate and delight your senses. 

Botanicals of Mercury:  Honeysuckle. Lavender, Mullein & Tulsi 


Total Solar Eclipse in Aries on Tuesday 9th April. A solar eclipse is the precise moment when the moon passes between the sun and the earth.  This solar eclipse/new moon energy holds the key element of confidence to shine and truly be you.  Trust your intuition as you become the most authentic, real, and honest version of yourself.   

Tuesday is governed by Mars (ruler of Aries) and the eclipse falling on this day is a significant turning point to leave behind the past. You may need to channel any excess energy into somatic dance or drum under the night stars. 

A ritual suggestion would be to light a candle and soften your gaze looking at the flickering flame.  Speak aloud what you want to change in your life and reflect on what is holding you back from your truest expression.  As you stare into the flame, reclaim your power and your vision for the future.  Keep your energy strong and focused to liberate yourself from any fear, especially if life has been challenging.  Ask yourself if you have been hiding and not comfortable to be fully seen.  

When you blow out the candles flame know the smoke is sending your intentions up to the heavens.  This is calling in your destiny with magic and love as the world holds undiscovered treasures for you and the new way forward.   

Botanicals of Mars:  Cayenne, Ginger, Nettle & Red Fruits 

The magnificent combo of Jupiter & Uranus exact 17th – 26th April. The good fortune of Jupiter & innovative, revolutionary Uranus are both in the prosperous, fertile sign of Taurus (finances).  Jupiter amplifies everything it touches so keep your vision sharp and clear.  Look towards the future for the gold and create this in the present day.    

The pages are turning, and a new exciting chapter is about to be written.   


This is the opportunity to reflect on utopian ideals and what this means to you with the influence of progression in our world.  The magnitude of the collective power, if we all come together for a common cause we can achieve greatness in the world that exists beyond the trappings of an egocentric society.  Look no further than the rise of crypto-currency as we head towards the peak of this conjunction.  The signature of Uranus is to break out of old conventions and herald new systems which challenge the out-dated established structures. 

Botanicals of Jupiter:  Cedar, Myrrh, Frankincense & Sage 


Full Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday 24th April @ 9.48am.  This mysterious yet strangely profound full moon is in a tight square to Pluto (destruction & renewal).  Pluto is the modern-planetary ruler of Scorpio (personal power & rebirth).  This will take you into the shadow-lands of your inner world to potentially uncover hidden secrets and expose truths.   These transformative energies can be intensely confronting however, know that when your feet touch the earth you will view life from a completely different standpoint. 

Be bold and courageous as this full moon is enlightening and offers you the gift of leaving behind all the old unsupportive ways of being. 

Botanicals of Pluto:  Dragons Blood & Patchouli


Journal prompts: 

  • How do you stay in the vibration of love 
  • What are your new perspectives of life 
  • Where can you be truer to yourself  
  • What version of yourself are you becoming 


Much love from the dreaming pod 


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