Let The Love In

Irresistible menu of plant based wholefoods only, there’s plenty of mouthwatering flavour in there too. Loco Love is created for you to sit back in gratitude and to enjoy nature’s gifts in their most delicious and seductive form. There is magic in our chocolates and when you take a moment to be still, be present and devour each bar, we ask you to - let the love in.

We will take you higher

We source our nuts from local organic farmers, ensuring they are super fresh. The quality of our ingredients is vital to our company and this is one of the most important factors in alchemising high vibrational products. We believe indulging responsibly and consciously can create global change for the better. We would never make anything that we wouldn’t want to eat ourselves – we’re fussy like that.

We Believe in Flavour

Emica is a qualified Naturopath and foodie at heart, so takes a relentless, flavour and health-first approach to all Loco Love creations.

This means we are always discovering new things, testing methods so we don’t need to add preservatives and constantly tasting to perfect the flavour.

We Believe in Health

As a nutritionist, Emica knows what is good and not good, and is always looking for new developments in the health space that aren’t artificial or detrimental in anyway.

All of our chocolates are vegan, filler-free and refined sugar-free. We only use whole foods, never artificial sweeteners, and our herbs are in a small dose making them safe to eat while pregnant. The synergy of herbs, healing spices such as turmeric, probiotics and medicinal mushrooms, make Loco Love - Chocolate with benefits.

Love of self & others

We’re for humans who love us and themselves, the ones who make conscious choices about what they consume. They want flavour first and want to know what they’re eating is full of the good stuff (without obsessing over it). We do this for the people who want to give love to themselves and others. Loco Love is the perfect gift for any occasion. Also works as a healthy indulgence for the self.

About the Cacao

Our cacao is from from small organic and sustainable farms in Peru, we do not support slavery and pay a fair price for our cacao.

Loco Loves cacao supplier in is a socially responsible company that proves that public-private alliances can generate a positive impact for the population and the environment.

Our cacao is tested for heavy metals and other impurities. We make our own chocolate from the raw ingredients, thats how we keep our taste exclusive to Loco Love.

We see cacao as a heart opener, a consciousness facilitator and a wise teacher. A bridge to heaven and earth. It is such a gift!

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