The astrological New Year happens on 21st March this year as...

The astrological New Year happens on 21st March this year as...

The astrological New Year happens on 21st March this year as...

The astrological New Year happens on 21st March this year as...

Happy Astrological NY

The astrological New Year happens on 21st March this year as the Sun enters Aries. We also have the auspicious Aries Dark Moon seeding new beginnings, 22nd March @ 4:23am NSW time. This passionate cardinal fire energy empowers...

Happy Astrological NY

The element of fire rises and seeks its way through the ethers.  This is the solar season of saffron and turmeric, golden light and autumn leaves in the southern hemisphere… there is no rush, so remember also to take the time to rest.

Every year we experience the sun sojourn through the 12 zodiacal signs. Depending on the interplay of other planetary alignments there will be a different impulse and nature to enliven these celestial narratives each month.Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and therefore the vanguard of the zodiacal signs – instinctual, determined and confident.

The flip side is (and there is always a flip side) you need to watch out going completely OTT in your pursuits of getting your own way that may be considered self-centred by others.

With this planetary showdown there is a need to explore stifled frustrations, anger or resentments that have been bubbling beneath the surface that could have implosive or explosive outcomes especially as the Sun is also conjunct Mercury in Aries - the planet of communication.

If you can release this stormy disposition without too much recklessness this would be beneficial.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac so it is the “I am”. Look at what is it you need to do for your own tender self-care with radical self-responsibility. Remember to slow down, honour yourself first and foremost.  This calls for a deep emotional reset with the changing of the seasonal wheel.

Astrologically we are navigating unchartered territories this week. 

The heavy weight trans-generational planet, Pluto enters Aquarius (fixed air) on 23rd March for the first time in 248 years!   This is a strong activation for the dismantling of the old established ways that no longer serve us.

Pluto dances into Aquarius momentarily then slips back to the anorectic karmic 29 degree of Capricorn (cardinal earth).  Pluto embodies the powerful cycles of creation, destruction and regeneration as we move closer to the Aquarian Age.  This plutonic transit last to 2043, and will lift the collective cloak of amnesia from our stardust memories. 

With Saturn currently in the watery sign of Pisces till early 2026, it may also be a challenging transit to bear in our human bodies as relational sorrow and emotional exhaustion can sometimes be overwhelming. It is important to have faith in our hearts as our inner and outer landscapes balance our emotional needs and desires.  A lost aspect may reappear like the prodigal child returning home.  The awareness and comprehension of this epiphany calls for a joyful celebration.

The focus is to release old emotional patterns that are no longer serving you to embrace a newfound sense of personal freedom, transformation and regeneration in all areas of your life to elevate a higher level of consciousness. Stay in your truth of your heart space as you journey through this intense energy of potent sorcery and magick.

The Sun holds the cosmic codes of light, and is our primary energy source here on Planet Earth.  The flint that lights the fire ignites a new orientation of creative alchemy and expression.

We are human beings in a very messy time of humanity. It is ok to be vulnerable and sensitive.  We may roller coaster through a whole plethora of emotions, so remember to relax and breathe in the beauty of nature around us. This astrological NY is an amazing time to clean the slate and set new intentions with the fiery spark of Aries.

Use your creative energies to create, to vision and birth dreams of the new Earth. Make the most of this seasonal time by calling in your spells and mantras for a new beginning.

Venus the Evening Star activates the heart chakra gateway this Friday night 24th March.  Just after sunset to the west, with clear visibility you will be able to see Venus & the waxing crescent moon dancing together. 

Cast intentions on Friday (the day sacred to Venus) to rekindle your passion and dance with wild abandonment under the light of the crescent moon. Cacao and blue lotus are dedicated to Venus, the planet of beauty, love and pleasure. Have a seductive, relaxing date night to celebrate. Send love out into the world as you embrace the sweetness of life.

May the holy fire transform us and may love reign supreme!

Mikailah @starwitchastrology