Change is welcomed as the magic of the New Year...

Change is welcomed as the magic of the New Year...

Change is welcomed as the magic of the New Year...

Change is welcomed as the magic of the New Year...

Astrology Insights For January 2024

Change is welcomed as the magic of the New Year is anchored in. What are the dreams you wish to call in? 

Astrology Insights For January 2024


We welcome in the New Year with an auspicious alignment of a grand earth trine between the Moon, the Sun & Jupiter as it sets the tone for the first day of 2024. A grand trine is considered lucky as the planets involved flow easily in harmony and synchronise with positive change and unity. 

Change is welcomed as the magic of the New Year is anchored in. 

In the element of earth, the trine has the capacity to manifest dreams into reality with a practical, resourceful approach. 

What are the dreams you wish to call in? 

This is the ideal time to do energetic & spiritual house-keeping. Whilst the Moon is in Virgo till 3rd January, grab that broom and sweep out your meditative space. It will give emotional satisfaction to focus on de-cluttering what is no longer needed in your life. You may find this act beneficial however sometimes those perfect moments just don’t happen and it is absolutely okay to surrender, let go and do nothing… rest, sleep and dream in a quiet hour.

 Planetary botanicals of the Moon: Blue Lotus Lily, Mugwort & Jasmine.

Sun in Capricorn - This is the season to get organised with your planning for the year ahead and also allow spaciousness in the calendar for times of pleasure. 

Capricorn is solid and dependable, always striving and climbing up that mountain. As the wise, old soul of the zodiac, their strength is incomparable during challenging times of adversity. When the harshness of life can be overwhelming allow compassion and gentleness to seep in through vulnerable edges. Engage in a gratitude practice each day and ensure you are deeply rooted to move with the winds of change. 

Planetary botanicals of the Sun: Cinnamon, Bay Laurel & Marigold 

Jupiter in Taurus – This is where you align with your hopes and visions for the future. Maybe it is time to travel and have that wild adventure, sign up for a new course or finally publish your book. Jupiter amplifies and enhances your intentions and creative powers from the universe. Wealth and prosperity is not just based on financial exchange. Regeneration and sustainability are key notes of Jupiter in Taurus. 

This generous planetary energy is associated with the search for truth and a higher meaning; wisdom, good fortune and blessings. Whilst optimism is essential, a healthy dose of pragmatism is still required so not to fall prey to spiritual bypassing. 

Planetary botanicals of Jupiter: Dandelion, Hyssop, Lemon Balm & Sage 

The earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are the guardians of the land, lovers of nature and the keepers of time. The magic of the three earth signs is to support you with important turning points in life. These changes can sometimes be met with a stubborn resistance before the excitement of the new is embraced. 

Juxtaposed to this is the North Node in Aries harnessing the bold, courageous fire energy to take action in your life. Driven by pure instinct and passion, it is entirely up to you how you brew up this alchemical mix with the quantities of truth and love. The shadow side will be people-pleasing to sacrifice your own needs and desires. Reflect on what you no longer wish to carry within relationships. 

Patience is required with any new business project or idea as Mercury, the planet of communication moves through the freedom-loving Sagittarius then the more stable and reliable earthy Capricorn from mid-January. 

You are connected to the earth so remember to physically ground outside in nature. This will install a greater sense of wellbeing in making solid choices regarding decisions in your life with chapters ending and new beginnings. 

Planetary botanicals of Mercury: Lions Mane, Tulsi & Lavender 

The sun shifts into the solar month of Aquarius on 21st January. This is the vanguard of the zodiac signs and the modernist signature is innovative and highly creative. There is a call to align with the heart of humanity and progressive social change in the atmosphere is palpable as we end the month with the Full Moon in Leo on 26th January. 

Global transformation is paramount as metamorphic Pluto prepares to reenter Aquarius. There was a taste of this during 2023, now Pluto will finally be influencing this fixed air sign from 2024 – 2043. Themes highlighted are scientific invention; technology, decentralised crypto-currency, evolutionary progress, activism, ecological sustainability and collective groups. 

This is generational change and social influence on a grand scale with the Aquarian consciousness and awakening. 


  • What boundaries do you need to strengthen?  
  • Where do you need to de-clutter?  
  • What systems no longer serve you?  
  • What are you dreaming in for the new cycle? 



Much love from the dreaming pod

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