Harness the flames of creativity to transform and incinerate all...

Harness the flames of creativity to transform and incinerate all...

Harness the flames of creativity to transform and incinerate all...

Harness the flames of creativity to transform and incinerate all...

Astrology Insights for November 2023

Harness the flames of creativity to transform and incinerate all that is outdated and no longer serves humanity...

Astrology Insights for November 2023


The mysterious, sultry season of Scorpio is upon us till 23rd November. This energetic signature is the dance of the phoenix rising from old constraints and the shape-shifter who transforms dreams into reality with the seen and unseen worlds.

Stay open to the magic that happens all around!

Venus moves into the harmonious air sign of Libra (balance, harmony & beauty) from 8th November.
Her feminine counterpart, Black Moon Lilith is traversing in the mutable sign of Virgo (healing & service). This ignites the voices of the earth custodians & wisdom keepers for the new dreaming. The sacred duo of Black Moon Lilith and Venus conjure up the imagery of gazing at the heavenly star trails through the canopy from the forest floor.

Breathe in the magic that pertains to all of life and your service within this. Allow yourself to access the dream realms and intuitive messages that sweep through the shadows when least expected.

Dark Moon in Scorpio Monday 12th November @ 8.27pm NSW time
. The planetary stellium of the Moon, Sun and Mars set the new lunar tone with their transformative energy melding together as we feel this dark moon intensely within our psyches.

Scorpio Moons are complex and have the alluring undercurrents of passionate, scorching emotion. Mars is the raw, primal energy of motivation and desire. Now is the time to set intentions for a change of destiny, and to really focus on what purposeful existence means for you.

The asteroid Ceres offers her sage guidance from the scorpion depths of her underworld cavern. This is a rich, symbolic time of meditation and introspection even with the swiftness of Mars cutting through what is no longer required. It is still important to contemplate life, rest and nurture yourself during the dark moon time.

Three nights after the dark moon when the waxing crescent moon appears at twilight to the west, constructively channel your most cherished dreams with self-directed action.

Mars, the ancient ruler of Scorpio is still traversing the deep, unchartered waters. This creates a magnetic intensity that can be dynamically channelled into navigating life challenges with great mastery & success. It has the ability to find strength in the dark and rise through the ethers with the upmost determination.

Mars moves into the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius on 24th November.
The archer aims the arrow towards the sky and has the upmost faith in the outcome. It is time to be bold, courageous and dream the impossible.

This is a big energy with the solar season of Sagittarius also activated on 23rd November!
The process of alchemy at its purest represents those who use the creative fire to transmute and burn away the old that no longer serves humanity.

The month closes with the Full Moon in Gemini on Monday 27th November @8.16pm NSW time
. This sociable & engaging full moon energy encompasses the sacred breath of life. Freshness of thought and aromatic incantations cast upon the winds of change as Mercury in Sagittarius invites us to explore beyond the known horizon that is safe and comfortable.

The Full Moon is joyful and light with a welcomed moment of ease as we listen to the melody of the bird song. The harmonious trine to Pluto offers the gift of solidity and earthing in these potentially distressing global times.

There is a strong focus on health & well-being with the Gemini Moon in a mutable square to Black Moon Lilith. Virgo is a resourceful yet sensitive sign so review what maybe affecting your home life if you are overworking or feeling overwhelmed with the day to day expectations.

Some of the planetary botanicals associated with Mercury (ruler of Virgo) are Honeysuckle, Lavender, Mullein and Tulsi (Holy Basil).


  • What makes your heart sing with passion?
  • How is life dreaming through you?
  • What intuitive guidance are you receiving?
  • What changes would enhance your health & well-being?


The starlight message is to bring love through your heart, with the courage to keep shining bright. As always trust in your own guidance & relationship with faith.

Much love from the dreaming pod
Mikailah www.starwitchastrology.com
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