This is the month to ignite new passions, delve deeper...

This is the month to ignite new passions, delve deeper...

This is the month to ignite new passions, delve deeper...

This is the month to ignite new passions, delve deeper...

Astrology Insights for May 2024

This is the month to ignite new passions, delve deeper into your inner world and come home to the sacred art of self-love.

Astrology Insights for May 2024

The solar month of the sensual Taurean bull illuminates the heavens until May 20th, at which point the Sun enters the mutable air sign of the twins, Gemini. The themes for this month are creative prosperity, luxury, and self-love. 


Venus, the planetary ruler of Taurus, is the brightest celestial body in the sky after the sun and moon. Venus is regarded as the Goddess of fertility, love, beauty, dance, and pleasure in mythology. Friday is the day of the week that Venus governs so during the month of May indulge in a sensual ritual to honour the qualities of love.  


May Day is associated with the Hawthorn tree, which is magically symbolic of love, protection, rebirth, and heart healing. On May 1st (May Day), Venus, in her home sign of Taurus, will create a strong square with the perceptive moon and alluring Pluto. This powerful mix affects our mental, emotional, and spiritual health. The magical power of the moon has inspired the works of renowned poets, writers, singers, and painters. Nonetheless, there could be problems with money, relationships, and intense emotion with this difficult square. During this time harness this raw, magnetic energy to ignite new passions and aspirations. This powerful signature is fiercely protective and devoted as well, so be consciously aware of any feelings of jealously or possessiveness as they may start to surface at this time. 


In the Southern Hemisphere, the Dark/New Moon in Taurus on May 8th @ 1.21pm AEST coincides with the astrological midpoint and seasonal festival of Samhain. With the ancestors being honoured at this powerful time of year, the psychic veils are thin. Lighting a candle and setting it next to a picture of a loved one who has passed away is a beautiful ritual to do during this time. 


Now that Venus, the Morning Star, has vanished from the east, she is living in the Underworld metaphorically until July, when she will reappear as the Evening Star. This is the perfect time to delve deeper into your inner world and give yourself permission to be more magical and introspective.  


The botanicals sacred to Venus are apple blossom; cacao, damiana, rose and violet.  


On May 19th, the planetary ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter, will be in a favourable position to bring good fortune and wishes for abundant prosperity. Because Jupiter is in the centre of the Sun, here is the meeting spot of creativity, sensuality, and pleasure. Today is the ideal time for you to be the best version of yourself in all you do and begin artistic endeavours that boost confidence and self-worth.  


Sagittarius Full Moon occurs on May 23 at 11:52pm AEST, this mutable fire sign brings freedom and adventure to life. This full moon is ideal for making plans and aiming high to reach the stars. As Jupiter is the bringer of light and the Sagittarius Full Moon has a potentially excessive or overindulgent nature, stay grounded as Jupiter magnifies what is already in existence. This benefic planet has a supportive, expanding, giving, and upbeat disposition.  


The magical botanicals of Jupiter are Frankincense, Reishi and Schisandra. 



  1. Can you sit in the stillness and be in love with yourself? 

  2. Where can you create more spaciousness to rest? 

  3. What are you welcoming as a new chapter in your life? 

  4. What makes your heart sing with joy? 


May you embrace the blue lotus, born of the mud and water, as you come home to the sacred art of self-love during this astrological month. 


Much love from the dreaming pod… 

Mikailah Rachael 

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