During the solar season of Cancer 22nd June – 21st...

During the solar season of Cancer 22nd June – 21st...

During the solar season of Cancer 22nd June – 21st...

During the solar season of Cancer 22nd June – 21st...

Embrace the Magick of July: A Cosmic Guide to Navigating the Stars

During the solar season of Cancer 22nd June – 21st July, the holy ones offer us a sanctuary from the wild, impetuous storms. A sanctuary provides a safe place for regeneration and healing, whether it is in your...

Embrace the Magick of July: A Cosmic Guide to Navigating the Stars
July begins with a grand configuration of Venus & Black Moon Lilith activating a divine heart union in the royal sign of Leo. The maximum elongation of Venus is showering her golden rays on us, bestowing the celestial gift of divine love so needed at this time.

Last month proved precarious and challenging. Many found themselves in despair or bewilderment with the intense pressure of heavy weight planetary energies, namely Pluto & Saturn in retrograde. It was a gritty moment of realism where no short cuts were available and spiritual by-passing was not an option.

Startling illumination came with Uranus challenging a tense Venus in her regal splendor. It stirred much-desired change within relationships, business, and finances, albeit chaotic and unpredictable at times. This lightning bolt is what makes myths and legends, so expect the unexpected and enjoy the wild ride.

Magick is afoot with the Full moon in Capricorn trine bountiful Jupiter in Taurus on 3rd July. The counsel of earthy Capricorn is purposeful and resourceful with future plans out in the world. Check that you are sure-footed & patient as you ascend to the top of this cardinal mountain peak with your enduring dreams and desires.

Energy follows intent. The resilient moon trine the Part of Fortune in Virgo is bestowing joy, happiness, prosperity, and success in your everyday life. This is seriously the time to do RITUAL!

“No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself.” - Virginia Woolf

The heliacal rising of Sirius, the Star of Isis on 7th July, connects us to the stellar mythology of the Divine Mother energy in the heart of the sun, heralding new change and transformation for the year ahead.

The lesson of humanity is unwavering resilience. We need to sit in our own skin, feel our bones, and not underestimate our own inner resources and strength amidst the collective fear. Deep within the sensory field, we must remember not to do battle with ourselves or each other - but to love even more!

During the solar season of Cancer, 22nd June – 21st July, the celestial crab carries us homeward bound on the great oceanic tides. If we listen to the waves crashing on the shore, we can hear the echoes of the ancient prophecy ‘We are the ones we have been waiting for’. The holy ones offer us a sanctuary from the wild, impetuous storms. A sanctuary provides a safe place for regeneration and healing, whether it is in your home or a place in the wild to rest your weary, animalistic bones.

The Cancer Dark Moon on 18th July forms a delicious trine to the mystical retreating Neptune, allowing the space to rest and dream between the ethereal worlds of fantasy, illusion, and creativity.

New intentions are set with the waxing crescent moon in Leo on 20th July.

Mercury is immersed in watery, sensitive Cancer till 11th July. The mercurial energy is then full steam ahead in fiery, creative Leo. Be mindful of overly stimulating emotional or dramatic conversations, emails, or texts.

The gift is to celebrate your highest expression of creation and not be confined to just the linear world. Open your mind with swift agility to receive intuitive ideas that inspire you. Fly with winged feet, embracing playful imagination. The creative potential this month is supreme!

**BIG STAR NEWS:** the collective Nodes of Fate change signs on 18th July. The North Node, aka the Dragon’s Head of cosmic destiny and future potential, will move into the dynamic fire sign of Aries (ruled by Mars). The South Node, aka

the Dragon’s Tail of past familial energy, will be in the peace-loving air sign of Libra (ruled by Venus). The last time we experienced this was back in 2005.

The lunar nodes rekindle the collective energy of raw, creative primal energy, and the receptive feminine. Remember, the element of fire can be destructive or constructive. Do not betray yourself at this time. Focus is required to have the courage to be brave and move forward with the desired change humanity is seeking. This is the spark that burns brightly, igniting the passionate quest for balance and harmony with heart-felt leadership.

The celestial Evening Star Venus begins her retrograde period the same day the sun moves into Leo on 23rd July. Venus stays retrograde for around six weeks and is rising to her radiant heavenly throne to be reborn in the heart of the Sun on 14th August. This is a divine heart day for both Venus and the Sun!

Completing her reign in the star point of Capricorn is a significant turning point in her 19-month celestial journey. Retrogrades are times to listen deeply within. Venus will be revisiting relationships, personal resources, finances, creative prosperity, love, and connections.
- Where do you find sanctuary in your home or nature?
- What are you grateful for in your life?
- What expresses your heart-felt radiance out in the world?
- Write down your dreams for joy & happiness.

When you pray with an awakened heart, the Great Spirit hears you. Let the energies intuitively guide you to restore a natural alignment of cosmic lore and order.

As always, spend time in nature for earth-based wisdom to be received and spirit messages to be grounded.

Remember, it's okay just to be YOU in this time! Take the pressure off and love even more.

Much love from the dreaming pod... Mikailah

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