Dream big and wild

Dream big and wild

Dream big and wild

Dream big and wild

Astrology Insights for February 2024

Dream big and wild... be magnificent because this year is only going to get bigger. Where do you feel like re-inventing yourself?

Astrology Insights for February 2024

Aquarius and Pisces


Butterfly February 2024


2024 got off to an intense and electrifying start with the thunder beings ravaging our skies. Many faced unexpected challenges which are now hopefully behind us. This was a test of faith in your own resilience and fortitude for the year ahead with the closing of old chapters in your life.


2024 is definitely not the year to conform and the inner work can be tough. Keep love alive in your heart and shine bright for there are exciting changes afoot!


The Lunar New Year of the Dragon & Dark Moon in Aquarius - Saturday 10th February @ 9.59am NSW time. This is the opportunity to seed new potential and crack open new possibilities for the way forward. Aquarius brings the transformative moment to grasp opportunities which you have always wanted to break out and try.


“The future enters into us, in order to transform itself in us, long before it happens.” Rainer Maria Rilke


The modern planetary ruler, Uranus governs the technological age which does have its advantages, however stay attuned to nature with daily grounding and earthing practices. Keep this in balance with your circadian rhythm and limit time on electronic devices and EMR exposure. Conscious group awareness is paramount with the new earth changes and the future of community with radical action required at times making social movements happen.


Dream big and wild... be magnificent because this year is only going to get bigger especially as the Jupiter Uranus conjunction approaches for April.


The sun shifts into the solar month of Pisces on 19th February – 20th March. This sublime, ethereal month is welcomed as we soften and replenish. The twelfth and last sign of the zodiac marks the end of the astrological year. The watery sign of Pisces encompasses the collective field of grief and loss which can be overwhelming to sensitive and tender souls.


Lay everything down on the forest floor and take a quiet moment to rest and dream. Discover a secret, peaceful haven or your favourite place in nature to drink blue lotus tea and bliss out. Focus on restoring your spirit to a place of deep nourishment.


Planetary botanicals of Neptune: Passionflower & Valerian


Full Moon Virgo - Saturday 24th February @ 11.30pm NSW time. The illumination of the full moon heightens emotions, so tend to your nervous system and co-regulate with flowers and herbs. Soothing bath rituals with relaxing salts and colourful petals are an enchanting way to spend the evening. Soft lighting with natural beeswax candles and the scene is set to soften your body and decompress your mind.


Virgo focuses on health and well-being. A full moon ritual would be to reflect on your everyday rhythm, your creations and joy. This astrological energy is to find the happiness in the small things of life and to be grateful for the magic that exists in the everyday.


The mercurial gift is creative problem-solving. Stay curious in your evaluation of information and where you may overthink any decision making. Somatic movement is also important to release stagnant energy which in turn will balance the body, heart and mind.


Journaling is a wonderful resource to express your ideas and concepts. It can be a great organisation tool to ask questions and inform yourself where you may hold resistance. Pick up that pen and weave the magic with your words and intentions.


Planetary botanicals of Mercury: Bergamot, Gingko & Lavender


Saturn Cazimi on Thurday 29th February. This is a magical day to focus on what you wish to accomplish with your long-term dreams and goals. An auspicious alignment the term Cazimi means ‘in the heart of the Sun’. This is when a planet meets the Sun in an exact conjunction, and is given an extra dose of strength and illumination.


May the Cazimi day give you the clarity to soar confidently in the world whilst your roots are deep in the wisdom of the earth. Saturn offers the sustainability and mastery to succeed whilst the sun invigorates the creative potential and fulfilment. A powerful combination!


Planetary botanicals of Saturn: Arnica, Comfrey, Horsetail & Mullein



  • What is your favourite flower or herb for this month?
  • Where do you feel like re-inventing yourself?
  • What are your intentions for the Saturn Cazimi?
  • What creative projects do you want to succeed?


YOU are precious and so is your heart!


Written by Mikailah www.starwitchastrology.com

Instagram @starwitchastrology