A Box of Chocolates (with benefits)

A Box of Chocolates (with benefits)

  • Refined sugar free

  • vegan

  • gluten free

  • high vibe

  • no soy

  • no fillers

  • organic

  • made with integrity

  • tonic herb enhanced

  • therapeutic grade essential oils

  • formulated by a nutritionist

This is not just an everyday box of chocolate (although you can eat it everyday). Each chocolate has been handcrafted with the addition of medicinal herbs, healing spices and therapeutic grade essential oils, to elevate your wellbeing. We create all of our chocolates fresh daily and our cacao is sourced from a sustainable family run organic farm in Venezuela. Our chocolates are voted as Vogue magazines favourite birthday treat.  

We use coconut blossom nectar, stevia and brown rice syrup to ensure no nasty sugar spikes. Not to mention nothing artificial, only the finest ingredients that nature has so lovingly bestowed for us. Please see our menu for the full experience of all of our beneficial chocolates; they may just change your life :) 

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