Loco Love has been at the forefront of the health conscious chocolate movement since 2013, in favour of no refined sugars, no gluten, simple vegan ingredients and striking design. We strive to offer you the very best. This means all of our ingredients are carefully sourced and we use no artificial or refined foods.We handcraft our chocolate daily, bringing you a fresh small batch product that has been carefully checked for quality from beginning to end. With the addition of superfoods, tonic herbs and therapeutic grade essential oils, we can promise that Loco Love is nothing like you’ve ever had before. All recipes have been developed by a naturopath and nutritionist, to bring you chocolate with benefits


A note from the founder

When I started Loco Love in 2013; I wanted to bring forth the love I had found within myself into physical form. Something edible, something that could with the right intention replicate, that same bliss I felt. It's hard to articulate this feeling, though after many years of feeling lost, changing career from fashion designer to fashion model, and then on to become a qualified Naturopath, I was constantly searching outside of my self for contentment. I was battling severe depression and an eating disorder; I felt alone and hopeless. It wasn't until I stopped trying to over think everything that Loco Love found me. 

Through meditation I had found what it meant to be truly present, and a love I had never felt before bloomed. I had finally found peace with who I was and it was so liberating to accept all of me. Something shifted within me, my perspective of the world changed, which caused my world to transform. It wasn't all about me anymore, it was about serving my self and taking responsibility for my own happiness so that I could serve others. Making conscious choices that would benefit everyone and everything. Loco Love is an expression of this feeling, I call it love. 

Loco Love is about this love - not romantic love, not possessive love, not a love of objects or anything outside of ourselves. It is about the love that is everywhere, all the time, though is often forgotten. 

We are a small business, with a purpose to bring presence and love into the world. We believe that people pursuing their soul's unique paths can make the world even more beautiful than it is. Every person has a special role to play and its so important to remember that life is precious, and it is a divine responsibility to be alive. Collectively we all create this reality, Loco Love is my contribution.

Thank you